London Salesforce World Tour 2017

I often feel sort of overwhelmed at big events, so I was looking forward to World Tour, but wasn’t totally sure what to expect. makepositive, the company where I work as a consultant, had a booth setup with a Lego robot called Sidbot. I knew it would be a whirlwind day full of my customers and colleagues. I also knew I’d end up learning something about new features, hear my friends speak, and come away with some cool swag.

About a week before World Tour, I got an email from Matt Morris introducing me to Mike Gerholdt and saying that Mike had a special opportunity for me. I was signed up to volunteer in the Admin Meadow, so I figured it was something else they wanted me to do there. Then Mike emailed to say I was actually going to be getting an #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazer award during the pre-keynote.  I was super honoured and excited. I was going to get an award from Mike, someone I really admire in the Salesforce community.

The day of World Tour, I left for the ExCel Centre super early, arrived at 8am and got to spend some time in the big keynote room while it was really empty. There Mike and I met Stacey Torman, who was going to be interviewing me on stage. We practiced a couple of times and pretty soon people started entering the room. I saw my makepositive colleagues in pink shirts walk in and take their seats.

When it was time for me to go up on stage, I got a cue from the stage manager, and I went up on stage. I think a year ago, I would have been absolutely terrified to be on stage in front of thousands of people and speak. Taking the Speaker Academy course with teachers Jodi Wagner and Keir Bowden gave me a lot of confidence. I was nervous, but I knew what I was going to say and just decided I might as well try my best.

I didn’t trip and I sounded articulate. All good things, right? I also got an amazing golden hoodie and began #LifeWithGoldie. In short, it was a great day and a huge honour to be recognised for working on Trailhead and being part of the London community.



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