Certified Community Cloud Consultant Exam

I recently took the Community Cloud Consultant Exam and was lucky to pass, so I thought I’d share my study process. Hopefully it will help some other folks to pass the exam.

I had experience implementing communities for two different clients, one with the Napili template and one with Visualforce + Tabs.

Here’s what I did to study:

  1. I read the entire Getting Started with Communities implementation guide. I printed it out so I could annotate it too. I created a test Napili community and a test Visualforce + Tabs community to use to do the steps rather than just read about them in a hypothetical way.
  2. I skimmed the Using Templates to Build Communities implementation guide. It goes into a lot of detail about the different components you can use in a community template and how to build different types of pages.
  3. I took this sample exam on Salesforce Ben’s site. I thought it was a good representation of the types of questions on the real exam.
  4. I did these two Trailhead modules: Community Cloud Basics and Community Rollout Strategy.
  5. Read the study guide to make sure I knew all of the topics that would be covered. If there was a topic I didn’t find in the implementation guides, I read a bit more help documentation about it.

Does anyone have other tips for studying?





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