Speaking about Creating a Custom Setting to Disable Validation Rules

I spoke at the London Admin User Group a couple weeks ago on this topic and it went well! Yay! But how did I get from feeling like I could have done better speaking to actually doing better?

  1. I added in a new challenge for myself. I had already done my presentation to my Speaker Academy class and at the London Developer User Group so I was little bored of it. I added in a demo of actually setting up the setting to keep myself entertained. When I do a demo, I write out all the steps, even the extremely obvious ones. You never know what you might forget when you’re doing the demo.
  2. I practiced a lot. I recorded myself speaking on a voice memo on my iPhone and then I listened to myself speak. Sometimes public speaking practice can make you feel a little self-involved.
  3. I made myself feel excited instead of scared. I went for a run before the talk to calm my nerves.

When I arrived at the user group, some of the leaders told me the PA system wasn’t working, so I would have to be loud. Instead of letting this freak me out, I decided I would capitalise on being a loud American.

During the talk, I made eye contact, waited for people to laugh at my jokes, and managed to do the demo with my back to the audience and without everyone being able to see. People asked a lot of questions and seemed to find value in the content I presented. That was a great feeling!

I learned that not every time you speak will be perfect, but that the more you get out there and speak, the easier it gets. When I feel impostor syndrome kicking in, I try to remember that when I don’t speak, no one gets to hear my ideas. We all need believe in our ideas, even we feel that they aren’t perfect, original, or interesting. I went into this talk thinking most people knew all about my topic, and it turns out they didn’t. You never know who you might inspire or help.


Photo by Dave Humm

Here’s the directions for Creating a Custom Setting to Disable Validation Rules:

  • Find Custom Settings in the Setup Menu
  • Click “New”
    • Label: Disable Validation
    • Object Name: DisableValidation
    • Setting Type: Hierarchy
    • Visibility: Protected
    • Description: “This setting allows admins or devs to turn off validation rules for specific users or profiles.”
  • Click “Save”
  • Under Custom Fields, click “New”
    • Data Type: Checkbox
    • Field Label: Active Users
    • Field Name: Active_Users
    • Click “Next” and “Save”
  • Click “Manage”
    • Click “New”
    • Add in all profiles with active users unticked
  • Find the Validation Rule and repeat for all validation rules.
    • Click “Edit”
    • Add in the line: “$Setup.DisableValidation__c.Active_Users__c = FALSE” to the correct place in the validation rule. Make sure you’ve edited the formula so it’s still working!
    • Click “Check Syntax”
    • Save

When you are done, you can add in users or profiles that need validation rules disabled by making Active Users = True (ticked).


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