Salesforce Interview Questions

A friend of mine who is new to the Salesforce ecosystem asked me if I had any examples of interview questions for Salesforce roles.  I did a huge brain dump and thought it might be helpful to other folks.

Here’s some interview questions I’ve been asked:

  • What projects have you worked on and what role did you play on the project team? This is one of the most common questions. Be prepared to have a few impressive projects and be able to explain the entire project lifecycle, as well as the technology you used to build it.
  • Sometimes I’ve been asked to do a test in a developer org. The one I did involved Data Loader, creating formula fields, adding automation, and permissions.
  • How do you gather requirements from stakeholders? Do you use certain processes? How are you able to work with people and listen to their frustrations and needs?
  • How do you solve various user questions? I’ve been asked how would a respond to a password reset question. Sometimes this question will involve a requirement that hasn’t been totally fleshed out by the requestor. You should be able to demonstrate that you are able to push back and ask why when you’re asked to build something.
  • How did the project management process work at places you’ve worked? In most of my jobs, I’ve used JIRA and Confluence, so be prepared to discuss how you organise your time and work.
  •  What is your strongest cloud? For me, this one is Service Cloud because I’ve used it the most and I find it the most interesting.
  •  What is the cloud you know the least about? It’s okay not to know everything about Salesforce. Honestly no one I’ve met does.
  •  What are your long-term goals for your career in Salesforce? 
  •  Have you done user training? You might discuss any help documentation, training slides, presentations you’ve done.
  •  Have you worked with developers? Even if you aren’t a developer, are you able to understand what is possible with code in Salesforce?
  •  How do you deal with conflict? This is a standard interview question, but  it’s a good one to know how to answer.
  • Do you use Trailhead? If you’re not, get started. It’s fun and pretty soon you’ll be addicted to badges.
  • Do you know much about Lightning? Not that many people I’ve met have implemented it, but do the Admin Lightning Challenge and the Trailheads on Lightning. It’s going to be on the rise and it’s in your best interest to know what it can do. Also, Lightning dashboards are very pretty and will make you happy.



Credit: Robert Leighton, The New Yorker



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