Creative Writing Major to Salesforce Admin

I studied Creative Writing at university, so I didn’t really expect to have a career in tech. I may not be writing poetry like I did as an undergrad, but having a solid set of writing skills helps me quite often as a Salesforce admin. Clear written communication is crucial for a successful Salesforce project team.

Here’s some places I find my writing background to come in handy:

  1. Descriptions. Ever worked in an org where you wonder why someone created that workflow rule, field, validation rule? I certainly have. Explaining what something does and why it was created can help future generations of admins and devs understand what you did and why.
  2. Help Text. You have a great way to clearly guide your users through their processes, so use it!
  3. Requirements.  Are you sharing why you’re doing a project and what stakeholders expect? Writing clear requirements puts everyone on the same page and ensures that your project stays on course.
  4. User Documentation. Now this one is my favourite. You can’t be with your users all the time, as much as they might love you. The next best thing is to hear your voice explaining how to do something. It will also help users and technical staff to understand the intended process for what you’ve built. For user documentation, I use a friendly and positive tone, similar to the way Trailhead is written.
  5. Technical Documentation. Explain what you’ve built and how. Do this both for your own piece of mind and for your teammates. I tend to over-explain since you may not know who your future audience will be.

Poetry reading at Oberlin College 


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