Why You Should get Involved with Salesforce User Groups

Since I’m not at Dreamforce this year, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on going to a couple of London user groups this month. User groups are organised by customers in your local area and people interact both online and in person. I got involved with user groups after going to the Salesforce World Tour this year. I loved meeting other Salesforce professionals in person and I wanted to continue to build community.

Here’s the London User Groups:

Each group has a different focus and some of them require you to ask permission to join the group, but you’ll be added, don’t worry. I’ve been to meetups hosted by the Admin User Group, Women in Tech, and Salesforce Developers.

What you can gain from going to user groups:

  1. You will meet cool people. Yeah, this might seem obvious, but in a big city like London you don’t often meet total strangers that share common interests. People at both events I went to were eager to welcome new people.
  2. You will learn about new Salesforce features and learn about different ways of implementing Salesforce.
  3. You will watch engaging demos.
  4. You will learn about AppExchange apps you haven’t heard of.
  5. You will get free food and drinks.
  6. You will get to take user group selfies.
  7. You will  network and find out about new jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  8. You will meet Salesforce MVPs who may inspire you to get more involved with user groups or speaking at events.
  9. You will find out about other cool events and programmes. Here’s a Diversity Speaking Programme I’m going to try to go to and an event hosted by Computer Weekly to celebrate the Top 50 Most Influential Women in IT that I went to in June.
  10. You will have fun! It’s good to get outside your normal routine and do something different on a week night.

Image from Trailhead





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